Xiaomi will renew Camera UI

There are some changes and updates from the camera user interface from Xiaomi to make the users experience the camera UI better. The person who started this move is the Product Director of the Xiaomi Camera Department. Accordingly, there will be a more effective camera experience on Xiaomi smartphones.

Camera Department officials made important shares on this issue. Accordingly, we will face different functions. So swiping the camera to the right or left and the option of different sliding movements related to it will equip the cameras of Xiaomi smartphones.

There are two options put forward within the framework of the above-mentioned issues. Let’s try to tell what these options are:

Option A: According to this option, the state of the camera can be changed with a single swipe. Thus, camera users will be able to activate different panels whenever they want. Although it draws attention as a feature of getting used to, it is very important for the camera experience to be more active.

Option A

Option B: Compared to option A, option B is much simpler within the framework of the activities. A tab called “more” by option B on the user interface so you can easily access all camera options with just a tap.

These two moves that Xiaomi has made to ensure that the camera experience is more active, have already satisfied the users. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that the use of camera is more advantageous with both options.

Camera Revolution from Xiaomi

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, shared the important share about it on the social networking site Weibo. Lei Jun also made an important statement about this situation. Although he said that option B is more effective, he also emphasized that a questionnaire should be conducted in order to get users’ opinions. It is certain that both options will be much more effective and efficient.

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