Guide: Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro Google Camera (GCam) installation without root

Google Camera 7.0


Latest Version:

File Name: GCam_7.2.010_Urnyx05-v1.1.apk

Dev & Date: (Urnyx05, 2019-11-06)

Download Link:

Change Log:

– Changed the name of the app to the original one
– Added “Info” section and removed useless “help and feedback” options
– Added AWB option
– Added an option to change the maximum exposure time of Astrophotography (thanks CStark)
– Added an option to force enable/disable astrophotography (thanks Arnova)
– Changed lib with one modified by Marian (it’s very similar to the lib Fi v2 for Mi9 on 6.2)
– Increased maximum digital zoom to 30x (thanks CStark)
– Fixed resolutions (now they show exactly the resolution located in RAW Stream from Hal)

Previous Version:

File Name: GCam_v7.0.009-v4.4.apk

Dev & Date: (Urnyx05, 2019-10-23)

Download Link:

Change Log:

– Fixed every main problem of Mi9 / Mi9SE / Mi9T – Mi9T Pro (Like not working videos, not working portrait mode, crashing motion, etc…)
– Added buttons for AUX lenses.
– Added the option to enable/disable shutter sound.
– Fixed Sabre on front and AUX lenses.
– Forced 100% JPEG quality.
– Cleared some useless code.

Enabling Astro-Photography feature in Gcam 7.0

  • Download the Google Camera mod from above.
  • Install and launch the Gcam app on your Android device.
  • Swipe down to go to the settings menu.
  • Tap on the settings icon.
  • Scroll down and find “Developer Settings”. (On some Gcam mods, the developer settings option is under “About”.)
  • Under “Developer Settings”, scroll down and enable the following 3 options:


  • From the camera’s main UI, select “Night Sight”.
  • Now, in order to activate “Astrophotography”, you will need to keep your phone very steady.
  • Take your tripod and go out for taking some Astrophotography!

Google Camera 6.0


File Name: Kv1.1.9_6.2.030.apk

Dev & Date: (san1ty, 2019-08-03)

Download Link:

Change Log:


  • Fixed telephoto green tint. 


  • Fix AF issues.
  • Add support for Indian K20/Pro and Global Mi 9 (Crashes from old version should be resolved now).
  • Fix telephoto lens zoom issue (Indian K20/Pro might have working telephoto with HDR+ I am not 100% sure).
  • Add always on Night Sight shortcut toggle in settings.

Previous Version:

File Name: K20PRO-F1-v9.3a_6.2.030.apk

Dev & Date: (san1ty, 2019-07-14)

Download Link:

Change Log:


  • Fixed crash in Night Sight mode when using Ultrawide lens.
  • Added Exposure compensation option.
  • Re-added HDR+ off.

Note: Telephoto lens doesn’t work properly with HDR+ ON currently. If you want to take photo with Telephoto just disable HDR+ (ultrawide works fine).

* Slow motion doesn’t work.

Old Version:

File Name: GC_K20P_6.2.030.apk

Dev & Date: (san1ty, 2019-06-10)

Download Link:

Change Log:

Initial build, same features like on Pocophone/Mi8/Mix 2s/3 one.

  • AUX works but Telephoto sensor got wrong BL (green photos).
  • HDR+ front/rear works.
  • RAW output works.
  • Night Sight works.
  • Motion works.
  • Portrait front/rear and everything else works.

How to import / export configuration files:

Some Google Camera versions support export/import of .xml files, allowing users to quickly load the best settings for their phone or lightning conditions.

Config files are stored in the /GCam/Configs/ directory, with /GCam/ being next to the DCIM, Downloads, etc, folders.

This folder needs to be created manually using a file manager (no root needed) or automatically by exporting/saving your config (use the option in settings menu). Config files use the .xml extension.

Import / Load:

To import a config file from another user, move it to the /GCam/Configs/, open Google Camera, double click the dark area around the capture button, select the config, and then click on “restore”.

Export / Save:

To backup your settings, use the option available in the settings menu. Your configuration will be saved in the default /GCam/Configs/ folder (eg: /GCam/Configs/config-name.xml). This file can be used on another GCam version that supports this feature or shared with another users.

Usage Scenarios:

This can be used for a few things. For example:

  • Quickly switch between the best settings for low light and day light.
  • Use recommended settings from devs/other users for your phone.
  • Move between versions without loosing your settings.
  • Keep unstable features enabled on one config but disabled on another.


1- Download and install the APK file from above links.
2- Configure the app using the suggested settings. (Some APKs don’t need configuration.)
3- Restart the app and shoot!

1- This port only works on phones with the Camera2 API enabled; which fits to all Android 9 (Pie) versions of Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro ROMs.
2- Requires Google Apps installed. (If not, just search install “Google Drive” from Mi Store, it will add all required apps too.)
3- If you can’t install the app you already have a Google Camera app installed, try to remove it first before installing a new one. If your ROM ships with a pre installed app, remove it or use a different ROM.

Google Camera provides flash effect with white flashing screen when using front selfie camera.

All details and resource:

Google Camera Port
(A download page for some of the Google Camera mods. From devs like BSG, Arnova8G2, and many others.)

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