Guide: Xiaomi Mi8 Google Camera (GCam) installation without root

If you are looking for Mi9 version of this article click here:
Guide: Xiaomi Mi9 Google Camera (GCam) installation without root

Watch how to download & install Google Camera on Mi 8

Google Camera 7.0


Latest Version:

File Name: F1v10.3_7.0.009.apk

Dev & Date: (san1ty, 2019-10-06)

Download Link:

Change Log:

  • Fixed video focus issue.
  • Fixed FC on Android 10 Custom ROMs (use proper build.prop, spoofing Pixel4/3/2/1 will cause a fc).
  • Fixed Video mode FC on custom vendors (9/10).
  • Based on Gcam 7 mod by Arnova8G2 (G.Photos required!).

Enabling Astro-Photography feature in Gcam 7.0

  • Download the Google Camera mod from above.
  • Install and launch the Gcam app on your Android device.
  • Swipe down to go to the settings menu.
  • Tap on the settings icon.
  • Scroll down and find “Developer Settings”. (On some Gcam mods, the developer settings option is under “About”.)
  • Under “Developer Settings”, scroll down and enable the following 3 options:


  • From the camera’s main UI, select “Night Sight”.
  • Now, in order to activate “Astrophotography”, you will need to keep your phone very steady.
  • Take your tripod and go out for taking some Astrophotography!

Google Camera 6.0


Latest Version:

File Name: F1v9.5_6.2.030.apk

Dev & Date: (san1ty, 2019-08-16)

Download Link:

Change Log:


  • Now you can disable AI AWB in Night Sight.
  • Little change to Pro Mode (now focus info is displayed on viewfinder).
  • Fixes for Android Q


  • Fixed jpg compression.
  • Added alternative portrait merger (by Urnyx05).


  • Fixed refocus bug.

Xiaomi Mi8 Google Camera Previous Version:

File Name: GoogleCamera_6.2.030.apk

Dev & Date: (san1ty, 2019-05-11)

Download Link:

Change Log:

Build based on the latest version of GCam which was released with Pixel 3a/XL.

  • HDR+/Enhanced: working.
  • Night Sight: working.
  • Portrait (front/back): working.
  • Time lapse: working.
  • Video mode: working.
  • Slow Motion: working.
  • RAW output: working.
  • P3 AWB: working only in HDR+ enhanced and Night Sight (forced on!).

* some settings might need app restart to take effect *

Credits to: Urnyx05 and Arnova8G2


New Version:

File name:
Dev & Date: (BSG, 2019-02-08)

Previous Version:

File name:
Dev & Date: (BSG, 2019-02-07)

Change Log:
– Count of frames added to EXIF of photo.
– New mod by BSG with some fixes and enhansements! Blur mode and portrait mode is available at the same time, and new naming models in EXIF photos.

Old Version:
File name: MGC_6.1.021_MI8_V2b_plus3.apk
Dev & Date: (BSG, 2018-12-30)


1- Download and install the APK file from above links.
2- Configure the app using the “suggested settings” below. (Some APKs don’t need configuration.)
3- Restart the app and shoot!

1- This port only works on phones with the Camera2 API enabled; which fits to all Android 9 (Pie) versions of Mi8 ROMs.
2- Requires Google Apps installed. (If not, just search install “Google Drive” from Mi Store, it will add all required apps too.)
3- If you can’t install the app you already have a Mi8 Google Camera app installed, try to remove it first before installing a new one. If your ROM ships with a pre installed app, remove it or use a different ROM.

Google Camera provides flash effect with white flashing screen when using front selfie camera.

B-S-G Suggestions #1:

(These settings are just optional and it depends on your personal preferences)

HDR+ is recommended for most of the situations. Use HDR+ Enhanced only if you need details in highly bright areas like harsh sunlight.

More > Settings > BSG MOD settings

[Input Model]

Interface Style:
Pixel II

Back camera:
Pixel III XL (Use Pixel XL model if you like pics with less noise & sharpness.)

Front camera:
Pixel III XL

Pixel 2018 ZsIR Hdr+

[HDR+ Parameters]

Min.ISO limited by exposure:

MIN Frames:

MAX Frames:

(Use 6-6 if you need instant ZSL processing but the loss of detail in dark areas is evident)
(Use 14-23 if you use HDR+ Enhanced more often than HDR+)

Don’t change anything in Night Sight parameters!

[Final jpg quality HDR+:]

[Disable zoom in portrait mode:]
[Save to DCIM/Camera:]
Enabled (Optional, Few users reported problems with it.)
[Turn off Pixel 3 AWB]
Enabled (San1ty’s build)
[Enhanced HDR+ in portrait mode:] Disabled

*Only enable ‘Add Aux to camera switch’ if you are using MI 8. (Use MGC_6.1.021_V2d++ if you need this option)

[Option libs:]
Libs – Default (Use whichever you like but default is recommended as it performs consistently in most situations.)
Default – These are default Pixel 3 libs. Saturated, less sharpness which results in less noise, crushed shadow detail for boosted contast just like in Pixel 3.
Eszdman – Looks almost the same in comparison with default libs but has better shadow detail which may positively/negatively affect contrast depending on the scenario. People claim this is closer to Iphone XS.
Savitar – Most natural look out of all. Better shadow detail, no over saturation which all phones do, more sharpness which results in more noise, has a grainy cinematic look which few movie buffs prefer. Not so pleasing look for boasting your pics placing it beside your friend’s phone but who cares. )


Back Camera
Highlights saturation: 1.0
Shadows saturation: 1.6
Front Camera
Highlights saturation: 1.0
Shadows saturation: 1.6


Viewfinder Processing
Motion: Enabled
AE: Enabled

No need to change anything else in ‘fix’ section for our device.

B-S-G Suggestions #2:

More > Settings > BSG MOD settings

[Input Model]
Interface Style:
Pixel II

Back camera:
-= Pixel XL =-

Front camera:
-= Pixel XL =-

BSG Config PixelPlusNS Hdr+

[HDR+ Parameters]

Min.ISO limited by exposure:
1/4 sec.

High ISO in the dark: Disabled

MIN Frames:

MAX Frames:

[Night Sight Parameters]

Min.ISO limited by exposure:
Forcibly enable NS config for A8.1: Disabled
Use Flash if enabled in HDR+: Disabled
Pixel auto-HDR+: Disabled

[Final jpg quality HDR+:]

[Enable G.PHOTOS:] Disabled
[Disable zoom in portrait mode:] Enabled
[Enhanced HDR+ in portrait mode:] Enabled
[Add AUX to Camera Switch:] Enabled

[Option libs:]


Viewfinder Processing
Motion: Enabled
AE: Enabled

Default GCam CaptureSession:
Disable in Photo mode: Disabled
Disable in Video mode: Disabled

Suggested Settings #2:

In “Input model”
Pixel 3 for Back camrera
Nexus 6P for Selfie camera
Config: BSG Config or Pixel2018 ZslR HDR+ or Pixel2018zsl hdr  

1/3 Exposure in HDR+ and Night Sight
Enable Pixel Auto HDR+ in Night Sight
100% JPEG
Disable zoom in portrait mode
Enhanced HDR+ in portrait mode
Choose Ezsdman New in Libs (For day and Night)
Saturation choose 1.1 in High and the others default

Google Camera Port
(A download page for some of the Google Camera mods. From devs like BSG, Arnova8G2, and many others.)

Guide: How to install ARCore, AR Stickers and Playground ?

Latest Mi8 Global ROM See: Xiaomi Mi8 Global Stable

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