Xiaomi is calling Pocophone F1 users with touch issues to send their devices for test

Chinese giant Xiaomi has recently rolled out an update ( to the Pocophone F1 with some new features and bug fixes. However, it seems that some units of the phone are suffering touch issues after this update. Xiaomi is now calling out the affected users to bring their devices for testing.

The head of Xiaomi’s Pocophone brand Alvin Tse published on Twitter that the company is currently seeking affected units for testing purposes. We cannot say if these units will be replaced unless that is an irreversible issue. But we believe that Chinese giant Xiaomi will provide a replacement unit while these Poco F1 “samples” are being analyzed.

“Alvin Tse
(1/2) Now that stable has been released for POCO F1 and some improvements have been reflected in the build, we are looking to analyze devices that are facing 1) screen freezing 2) ghost touch 3) touch lags. We will need to collect some devices to further test.”

However, keep in mind that not everyone is qualified to send in a unit. You will first need to send your user ID, contact information, videos, and some other details. Only if the company finds that your device meets the criteria, you will enter in contact to arrange the return of the smartphone.

“Alvin Tse @atytse
(2/2) If you are willing to send in your device (touch issues only), then please send your user ID, contact info, description of issue, Feedback ID, videos/screenshots to vzhaoxiaomi@xiaomi.com. If your device can help solve the issue, we will reach out and contact you. Thanks!”

“Alvin Tse @atytse
(3/3) Apologies, I meant to write vzhaoxiaomi@gmail.com. Please send your email to this address instead. Our staff will pick the most representative devices for us to followup with further testing. If yours is picked, they will email and give further instruction.”

The Pocophone F1 is one of Xiaomi’s most successful smartphones to date. It marked the debut of Poco as a company’s subsidiary in India. The device came with Snapdragon 845 chipset, however, it brought the flagship chipset down to the budget segment at an affordable price. That was the absolute recipe for success but surely has some drawbacks. We can say that the display is one of these drawbacks. We do hope that Xiaomi finds a way to address all the recent issues and keep the Poco’s boat sailing forward…

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