Redmi S2 (Y2) – Android 9 (Pie) – China Stable – MIUI V10.3.4.0 PEFCNXM

Redmi S2 (Y2) Android 9 (Pie) – MIUI 10.3 – China Stable MIUI V10.3.4.0. PEFCNXM released!

How to update MIUI on Xiaomi devices?

Why my battery drains after update?


Recovery (1.5 GB):

How to remove Xiaomi MIUI system ads?

Change Log:

  • Attention
    • Stable MIUI based on Android Pie
  • App lock
    • New: Locking Google contacts is available now
  • Contacts
    • Fix: Contacts couldn’t be deleted from SIM cards in some cases
  • Lockscreen, status bar, Notification shade
    • New: Introducing customizable Lock screen clock (Settings > Lock screen & password > Advanced settings). New Lock screen clock doesn’t work with third party themes.
    • New: Use your fingerprint to open Home screen once you unlocked the device using face data and stayed on the Lock screen
    • Fix: Media volume couldn’t be restored after receiving a notification
  • Game speed booster
    • Fix: Hands-free call duration wasn’t displayed correctly in Game Turbo
  • Mi Cloud
    • Optimization: Improved sync across multiple devices


ISSUE#1: “Choose update package” and “Reboot to Recovery mode” options gone in Updater on

SOLUTION#1: After clicking 10 times on the big colored “10” in Updater, “Additional update features” activated and missing options are visible again.

ISSUE#2: WiFi usage in Battery results seems active all the time even WiFi is disabled.

SOLUTION#2: Disable option: “Settings / Additional settings / Privacy / Location / Scanning / WLAN scanning”

ISSUE#3: Battery drain after after Android 9 (Pie) Update.

SOLUTION#3: Apply steps in following article: Battery Draining Tips

*Reinstalling same (currently installed) ROM with “Download latest package” option from “Updater” might solve some kind of battery draining issues and any weird issues after upgrade. No data will be lost, it will take very short time to reinstall.

ISSUE#4: “Mi Video” crashes while saving slow motion video in any Pie update.

SOLUTION#4: Use device with English language as a temporary fix.

ISSUE#5: “No signal” issue while using Bluetooth car interface after Pie update.

SOLUTION#5: As a temporary fix simply put your SIM from Slot 1 to Slot 2.

How to remove system Ads in MIUI?

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