Xiaomi Mi 8 Camera Update to bring support for 1080p video recording at 60fps

As of January 2019, Xiaomi Mi8 will get 60fps video recording capabilities in two months! This is confirmed by Xiaomi’s co-founder and President Lin Bin today in a post on Weibo. It was in reply to a Xiaomi Mi 8 owner who said that he would love to see 60fps video recording on the Mi8. In reply, the Xiaomi president said that they have been working on it and it should arrive within two months. The info comes after Xiaomi pushed a number of new features like 960fps slow-motion video recording, Super Night Scene mode with Android Pie update to the flagship in December 2018.

As some MIUI forum posts state, Mi 8 has 1080p video recording at 30fps and 120fps, but there’s still no support for 60fps recording yet although there have been some workarounds. With the Xiaomi executive now confirming the feature, at least Chinese users can look forward to it in the near future.

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