Mi Box 3 4K / Mi Box S 4K Stuttering and Slowness

If you are experiencing stuttering and slowness issue after you wake up your Mi Box, here is the solution!

Issue: Mi Box is very slow and stuttering after standby / wake up / sleep mode.

Solution: Enable all three options “CEC Switch”, “One key play” and “One key power off” under “Settings > HDMI CEC” menu and restart Mi Box.

10 thoughts on “Mi Box 3 4K / Mi Box S 4K Stuttering and Slowness”

  1. Amazing!

    This really made my Mi Box a LOT snappier.
    Additionally, all of a sudden passthrough of Dolby Digital Plus also started working again!

    Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Alex,

      Lovely! Happy to hear that… We need to spread this solution as much as we can because there are lots of users suffering with this problem…



  2. Bought my Mibox yesterday. Was all fine. This morning when i switched on, I found it to be very laggy and freezes very frequently. Tried this method. Solved all in a minute. Thank you chief!

    1. Many thanks for that.

      i was very disapointed and thinking about a waste of money.
      Now everything is working fine.

      Saluti da Torino (Italy).

  3. Worked just Fine. Many thanks.

    The videos worked and sometimes started to play again stuttering without any probable cause.

    Solved with the all the Android upgrade and without factory reset.

    All videos running on VLC, YouTube and others

  4. For several month my mi box was unsed because of those problems (damn update). This works great…!!! thanks!!!!!!!

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