All known things about MIUI 12 before it is introduced!

Many innovations appeared before Chinese giant Xiaomi’s new mobile interface MIUI 12 was introduced. MIUI 12, which will be released on April 27, has many revolutionary features. MIUI ranks 1st in the most popular custom Android interface. Let’s take a look at the revolutionary features of new version MIUI, which Xiaomi users love very much. Xiaomi had released MIUI 11 on September 24, 2019. We can say that MIUI 12 is the fastest developed and most feature-rich version. However, it should be noted that MIUI 11 has not received any major updates.

Possible Features of new MIUI 12

New navigation and smooth gestures.
Dark mode for all apps.
System-level changes.
Better battery performance.
Refreshed UI.
Smooth Animations in everywhere.
High level privacy settings
Lite Mode
New Camera UI

All MIUI 12 Features

Although Xiaomi shares some new features through Weibo, we know many more new features based on the latest Beta version of MIUI. New animations, customization options and a revamped interface are among the best features of MIUI 12.

Application Openings

Application openings will have a much smooth and stable opening.

Recent Apps

MIUI 12 has a bottom white bar on Android 10 like iOS. With this bar, you can make fast change between applications. In addition, recent applications animation has been renewed.

MIUI 12 will have multiple options for recent applications. Many users loved the new waterfall layout. (Not approved yet.)

Dark Mode 2.0

The most important feature of MIUI 12 published in Weibo is said to be Dark Mode 2.0. With Dark Mode 2.0, all applications are forced to black theme. If an app doesn’t support the black theme, MIUI can turn the colors black. Also, if you want a lot more darkness, you can decrease the contrast and put your eyes in a less tiring mode.

Always On Display

The indispensable feature of AMOLED screen phones Always On Display feature becomes much more functional with MIUI 12. You can download and customize hundreds of styles from the Themes app.

Focus Mode

Our phone sometimes distracts us too much. With this feature, we can necessarily maintain our focus. Focus Mode gives you 20 to 90 minutes to stay away from your phone. When activated, you can only access the emergency call and the camera. Because you cannot turn this mode off, you cannot use any of your applications during the time you activate it. So, you cannot distract your attention with applications. It will be easier for you to do your job.

Camera UI

According to the published video, the camera application in MIUI 12 has much smoother animations and a cleaner image. In addition, the options taken from below offer users much faster access. The new interface of the camera application was liked by the users.

The icons have been optimized and high resolution options such as 48MP and 108MP have been moved to the menu above.

The MIUI 11 camera app had a harsh animation when zooming into a photo. With MIUI 12, animations have become very soft.

We will face different functions. So swiping the camera to the right or left and the option of different sliding movements related to it will equip the cameras of Xiaomi smartphones.

There are two options put forward within the framework of the above-mentioned issues.

Option A: According to this option, the state of the camera can be changed with a single swipe. Thus, camera users will be able to activate different panels whenever they want. Although it draws attention as a feature of getting used to, it is very important for the camera experience to be more active.

Option B: Compared to option A, option B is much simpler within the framework of the activities. A tab called “more” by option B on the user interface so you can easily access all camera options with just a tap.

These two moves that Xiaomi has made to ensure that the camera experience is more active, have already satisfied the users. In other words, it would not be wrong to say that the use of camera is more advantageous with both options.

Game Turbo

GameTurbo, MIUI’s application that allows you to optimize games and get better experience, will come with many innovations. The New GameTurbo will feature a voice changer. In games, you can turn your voice into male, female, robot, and a few other sounds when you speak. This can be a feature that increases privacy and entertainment.

Notification Panel

We do not yet know the notification window of MIUI 12. But based on the latest Beta version of MIUI, the Music notification is now colorful.

Multiple notifications from an app can mess you up. With MIUI 12, notifications of some applications can be gathered into a single area.


Although the interface of the Gallery application has not changed completely, many innovations and optimizations have been made in the interface. The interface of the albums now has a bubble style instead of a list. You can change the location of these bubbles by dragging them.

There are also 4 extra shortcuts available to sort albums. From A to Z, Z to A, new to old and old to new.

Sky Filters

The filters that you can change the sky published with MIUI 11 are highly appreciated by the users. Xiaomi has cared about these feedbacks and added about 5 new filters. In addition, rain and snowfall can be recorded as a video.

Trash Bin

Sometimes we can delete a photo by mistake or regret that we deleted a photo. Xiaomi users have long wanted the trash feature found in most gallery apps. The trash bin added to the gallery application with MIUI 12 keeps the photos for 30 days. If you want, you can have a longer Cloud based trash by paying.

Video Editor

With MIUI 12, an advanced video editor is added to all phones. Although it does not have extensive features, its general features will make you happy. You can quickly convert any video to Vlog style. You can also crop the video, set filters, add input/output intros, and audio and text.

In addition, there is a quick menu where you can change the aspect ratio of any video. Outside the editor, you have the option to reduce the quality of the video.


There is no revolutionary change in the interface of the settings. Only the title position in the settings has been changed. Offering a slightly more comfortable experience for one-hand use.

Charge Animation

When you plug your phone into the charger, the charging animation on the lock screen has been renewed.

Lite Mode

With Lite Mode, applications become much bigger and accessible on the home screen. It is also changing for a more comfortable look in search and other areas. In fact, this feature used to exist, but was removed in new MIUI versions. This feature, which appeals to the elderly, comes back with MIUI 12.

Screen Time Management

Features were added to help us limit the time we spend on the phone with Android 9. With MIUI 12, we will have some advanced features to limit our display time. We can view which app we use how many hours daily and weekly, and add time restrictions to apps on weekdays and weekends. Also, a feature called Focus Mode lets you stay away from the phone for 20 to 90 minutes. When activated, you can only access the emergency call and the camera.

Application Permission Track

With MIUI 12, you can now keep track of what application is doing in the background.

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