How to update MIUI on Xiaomi devices?

Consider before flashing:

  • Make sure that the device has at least 60% battery left.
  • Download the “Recovery” ROM (“.zip” file) for your device and place it to a folder in Internal Storage of your phone.
  • There is no need to backup app data or multimedia in case you are using this Updater method to upgrade your existing MIUI Stable/Beta ROM.
  • If you are using Updater method to switch between “MIUI Stable ROM” and “MIUI Beta ROM”, you might lose your data, in such case, taking backup is highly recommended before flashing.


If “Choose update package” and “Reboot to Recovery mode” options are missing in Updater, click 10 times on the big colored “10” in Updater then “Additional update features” will be activated and missing options will be visible again.

Steps for flashing:

  • You have downloaded the ROM and kept it in a folder in “Internal Storage”:
  • Open the “Updater on your phone and click on three dots at the top right of your screen:
  • Select “Choose update package”:
  • Navigate to the folder where you have copied the ZIP file:
  • Select the file, and flashing will start:
  • Phone will reboot and will complete flashing in 10-15 minutes.

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87 thoughts on “How to update MIUI on Xiaomi devices?”

  1. I can’t used this method to update my phone

    because when I press the 3 dots on the top right I have options that not the same of the options here in this article

    I have only 4 options which they :
    1- Download latest package
    2- Update settings
    3- What’s new
    4- More

    1. ISSUE#1: “Choose update package” and “Reboot to Recovery mode” options gone in Updater on
      SOLUTION#1: After clicking 10 times on the big colored “10” in Updater, “Additional update features” activated and missing options are visible again.

  2. Hello, in RN7 Global (Lavender) PFGMIXM I select “Choose update package”, but there is only the option to find the update package using “WhatsApp” (wtf??) and “Google Drive”.
    I do not have the option to search in local storage.
    Any idea?

  3. I am unable to upgrade mi 9 t from v10.2.28 to v10.3.12 from the following error.
    failed to check update other reason

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