Guide: How to install ARCore, AR Stickers and Playground ?

What is ARCore?

ARCore is a software development kit developed by Google that allows for Augmented Reality (AR) applications to be built.

Augmented Reality (AR) places a virtual object in the environment around you, viewable through phone cameras.

The 3 benefits from Google ARCore’s key functions are;

Tracking motion:
The API can place virtual objects in real-life images with great accuracy. It uses a phone’s internal sensors and camera.

Estimating light conditions:
The API exploits ambient lighting to make virtual objects more life-like.

Understanding the environment:
ARCore detects planes (i.e., the inclination of surfaces). It helps devices plot virtual objects with precision.

The ARCore API helps other mobile apps to decorate scenes with virtual objects. So, there’s a simple way of checking if your Xiaomi supports the feature. First, install the ARCore by Google app from Play Store.

Here are the instructions to use Google’s AR apps on non-Pixel smart phones and other AR related apps on smart phones without official ARCore support.


  • Instructions are for 64 bit smart phones only.
  • Instructions are for smart phones which are running Android 8 or newer.
  • Files modded by Arnova8G2.
  • Special thanks to StarCMS, MarcAnt01, TadiT7, Didgeridoohan, shadowstep and emuandco for their contributions.
  • Use at your own risk!

How to guide:

Steps for devices officially supported:

  • Install the latest ARCore via Play Store or download the apk file available below.
  • Install the modded AR Stickers (Android 8) or Playground (Android 9+) app available below.
  • Open Google Camera and select “AR Stickers” or “Playground“.


AR Core:

Official ARCore, arm64-v8a variant:


For Android 9+ and GCam 5+

  1. Install the modded Playground app available below.
  2. Install the sticker packs you want manually (available on APK Mirror) or from inside Google Camera/Playground.

Latest Version:
Playground_2.4build-2.5.190610046.apk – (2019-07-16, 62MB, Android 9+)

Previous Version:
Playground-2.3build-2.3.190325106.apk – (2019-06-14, 39MB, Android 9+)

AR Stickers:

For Android 8 and GCam 5+. Users on Android 9+ should use Playground.

ARStickers_All_Pack_V1.5build-1.3.180720036.apk – (2018-10-11, 241MB, Android 8+)

Questions and Answers

AR Stickers vs Playground:
Google replaced AR Stickers with Playground. Phones on Android 9+ should use Playground, while phones with Android 8 should use AR Stickers. Both can’t be installed side-by-side.

32 bits phones:
They are not supported. Even if some versions of ARCore support 32bit phones, Playground and Sticker packs only work on modern 64bit phones.

Make sure you have installed the 64bit variant of ARCore. The 32bit one will crash.

Updates Breaking Playground:
If ARcore updates are causing you problems, just disable software updates for this app in the Play Store app.

Other AR apps:
Installing ARCore also allows you to run other AR related apps (eg: Google Measure). If they’re not available for your phone via the Play Store, download the apk file from APK Mirror.


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