Android Q will be called as Android 10

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As a global operating system, it’s important that these names are clear and relatable for everyone in the world. So, next release of Android will simply use only the version number and be called as Android 10.

Android Q will be called as Android 10

Android Q will actually be called as Android 10. Google actually says goodbye to candy names for clarity.  The logo also changes a little bit.

Cupcake, Jelly Bean, Marshmallow, Oreo, Pie … Between Android and treats, we could witness a beautiful love story that has lasted several years.  But this story ends today.  Google has officially announced that future versions of the OS will no longer take the name of a candy as it was the case today.

Android 9 Pie was the last version to have fun with a greed.  His successor will be officially called Android 10. No doubt that many enthusiasts fans will be disappointed by this news, however Google explains that his decision was motivated by a desire to clarify as much as possible the names of the various updates of the OS.

First, it’s about making it easy for a non-techie to know which version of Android they’re dealing with.  Because to mention Nougat or Oreo on a smartphone does not necessarily speak to everyone.

Also, company believes that the treats used in the Android version names do not evoke the same thing to all users in the world.  One example is the marshmallow (Android 6), which is a very popular sweetness in North America – with this cliché of marshmallow grilled around a campfire – but it does not have the same connotation, in other parts of the globe.

In addition, the pronunciation of names can vary widely depending on the country and the mother tongue of each individual.

Beyond these clarifying arguments, and to be a little bad language, one can also assume that Google simply did not have a candy name idea starting with an Q.

New Logo

This change of strategy is also accompanied by a new logo for Android.  As you can see, remain on the same basis as before, but the color changes a little, as well as the font.  The bugdroid is still there, except that only the upper part of his head is visible.

Google explains that “the robot is what makes Android special. He makes it human, fun and accessible. “

In the meantime, Android 10 – yes it will get used to call it like that – has its first security patch.

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